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How To Build Your Dream Life (Step-By-Step Guide)

You aren’t achieving your goals because you lack clarity.

This is a guide on how to build the life you want.

In 2019 I felt lost.

I always wanted to live life on my terms.

But I didn’t know how to achieve that.

Until I found a mentor who taught me his secret framework.

From there everything started to change.

Since 2022, I’m living life on my terms.


Open a Google document and block out 30 minutes.

Segment your life into 4 areas: career, health, wealth, and relationships.

Now it’s time to think big – what would your life look like in those areas if money were not an issue?

Close your eyes and imagine your ideal life.

As you’re imagining your ideal life, you’ll hear the negative voice in your head.

This voice comes up because you’re not used to dreaming big.

Ignore those thoughts and focus on what you want without any constraints.

If you’re having a hard time dreaming big, go to a more positive environment.

For me, nature or a nice, quiet coffee shop works well.


Write one big long-term goal in the 4 areas of your life.

Search on Google for inspirational images that symbolize your goals.

These images create an emotional connection to your ideal future.

Create a mini vision board under your 4 long-term goals.

Don’t spend too much time searching for the perfect images.

Think of your vision as a first draft.

The main objective of this exercise is to gain clarity on what you want.

You’ll iterate on your vision later.


Next, it’s time to define your highest values.

Values are your internal compass that guides you to a fulfilled life.

Every single human lives by a set of values – some choose it consciously, some unconsciously.

My core values:

  • faith
  • health
  • wisdom
  • freedom
  • wealth

If you need more help to clarify your core values, search for a “core values list” on Google and pick five that resonate with you.

Defining what you truly value is an iterative process.

Most people make the mistake of looking for the perfect set of values.

Perfection doesn’t exist when you are planning your life.

Your values, goals and you as a person change over time.


The person you are today can’t achieve the vision of tomorrow.

I know it sounds harsh, but this is the reality I used to ignore.

When I focused on becoming the person who would achieve those goals, I made more progress than ever before.

You have to create a new identity that aligns with your vision & values.

What person do you need to become to experience your ideal future?

This is one of the most effective questions in goal achievement that I know of.

Define 5 character traits, you need to develop to become that person.

Some examples of mine are:

  • Truthful
  • Profound
  • Powerful
  • Virtuous

Add those character traits to your document.


Our beliefs shape how we perceive reality.

Our perceptions dictate the actions we take.

The actions you take, determine the results you get.

Successful people think differently than average people.

Think of your beliefs like a pair of glasses – depending on the lenses you choose, your world appears differently. You can wear rose-colored that paint an optimistic reality, or dark lenses that focus on the pessimistic side.

As you shift your beliefs, you change the glasses which you see through the world.

A powerful way to do that is to create 5 core beliefs that would make achieving your goals easier.

Examples of core beliefs I use:

  • I always receive the best in life.
  • I offer exceptional value to people.
  • Life is a test and I pass every test with ease.

The more concise, the better.

If you want a list of useful core beliefs as inspiration, google for “powerful beliefs” and choose those who are in alignment with your goals.

Add your new core beliefs to your document.


Life is complex and to build your ideal life effectively, you need mental models.

Mental models are thinking frameworks that help you make better decisions.

All successful people use mental models because they simplify decision-making.

The key ones that I use:

  • First Principles
  • 80/20 rule
  • Cause and Effect

There is no ideal mental model stack.

You have to piece them together based on your unique situation and vision.

Here, too, you can Google ‘mental models’ to find what you think are the most effective ones.

The mistake people make, especially analytical ones, is obsessing over the thinking frameworks.

Mental models are only useful if you can use them at the right time.


We humans are creatures of habit.

Most of your behaviors are on autopilot.

That’s why we need to install core habits to make our vision become a reality.

What habits would have the highest impact on all areas of your life?

I call them high-leverage habits.

Some of my high-leverage habits:

  • exercise
  • daily prayer
  • quality sleep
  • eating clean
  • 4h of deep work

I found that you only need a few core habits to be effective, healthy, and fulfilled.

Most of them are health-based because that’s where true wealth is.

Identify 5 high-leverage habits that would make it almost inevitable to achieve your vision.

Add them to your working document.


Break your goals into:

  • yearly
  • quarterly
  • monthly
  • projects
  • weekly
  • daily

To get the best shot at achieving your goals, you have to reverse-engineer your goals with mathematical precision.

Otherwise, you’ll be overwhelmed with all the tasks and opportunities that will come your way.

Here’s an example of how I reverse-engineer my goals:

  • $500’000 profit with my online business by 31.December 2024 (yearly)
  • $50’000 profit by 31. March 2024 (quarterly)
  • $20’000 profit by 31. January 2024 (monthly)
  • 4x YT videos, VSL, lead magnet by 31. January 2024 (projects)
  • 10 sales calls (weekly)
  • Create content (daily)


After you’ve defined your vision, values, the person you need to become, and your goals with precision, there’s only one thing to do – take ruthless action on your vision.

Most people don’t achieve their goals because they lack absolute clarity in their life and business.

Commit to at least 30 days of focused action.

Look at your vision every morning and evening and visualize yourself already being there.


After 30 days, reflect on your progress – what worked and what didn’t.

Your plans are not set in stone – you can always iterate.

Every quarter reward yourself with a vacation and rest.

When possible take every weekend off.

It’s not about working harder but smarter.

This is how you build your dream life.

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