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How I Beat My Crippling Self-Doubt To Close A $120,000 Deal

2 years ago, I closed a $120,000 deal.

None of it had to do with a new business tactic.

I simply learned to face the negative feelings I used to run from.

The technique I’m about to share helped me generate millions in my sales career.

But things haven’t always been that way.

In the beginning, I was stuck at $0 for 3 months.

In the 4th month, I sold my first $15,000 deal.

Then, I got stuck again with $50,000 deals for 9 months.

Until I finally closed a $100,000 and a $120,000 deal.

Now, you might ask – how did I overcome my negative feelings to see those results?

First of all:

Can you allow yourself to feel bad?

Who said that feeling bad is “bad”?

You see, life consists of opposites – dark and light, happiness and sadness.

If you are feeling frustrated, angry, or overwhelmed – stay with the feeling.

Don’t try to escape it.

This is what society has conditioned you to do.

“If you feel bad, do something that makes you happy.”

“Watch Netflix, eat something tasty, check your phone.”

If you escape, you’ll only suppress those negative emotions.

You might feel better for a moment because of the rush of dopamine.

But you’ll have to deal with those emotions anyway.

The wiser thing to do is to confront them, instead of running from them.

When you feel frustrated, angry, or overwhelmed — stay in that feeling.

Don’t judge yourself for feeling bad.

Let the bad feelings in and acknowledge them.

I know it sounds strange, but it works.

It will feel uncomfortable.

It can be a bit painful.

But you have to feel through the negative emotions.

See how much better you feel when you’ve accepted them in the moment.

They are not as bad anymore, right?

That’s the power of processing your negative emotions correctly.

If you remind yourself to do this every time you have strong negative feelings, your life will change.

You see, energy cannot be created or destroyed, only transformed.

This is known as the law of conservation of energy – a fundamental law in physics.

What this means is you can’t avoid negative energy.

By feeling through the negative emotions, you process them in your body.

They will have less weight over you.

No matter how intense the overwhelm in your business, the frustration of not getting a client, or the anxiety before a sales call…

Those feelings will never go away.

This is the nature of entrepreneurship; don’t expect it to be different.

You have to take action despite those feelings.

That’s how you weaken the strong grip those feelings have over you.

Use this technique daily and see how it correlates to your business growth.

At every level, I had to deal with negative emotions.

They say new level, new devil.

But I didn’t escape from my feelings.

I processed them in the moment and took action anyway.

And over time, I developed unshakable confidence.

You won’t find this information in business courses.

You won’t find this information in mindset courses.

Because most of them focus on the surface-level stuff.

The business models, the tactics, the “hacks”, — all short-term fixes.

I’m not saying they are not important.

But 80% of this game is mental.

This is what moves the needle forward.

Doing this for the past 3 years completely transformed my life.

And I’m sure it will change your life and business.

If you use it.

Will you?

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