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The Secret Behind Millionaire Productivity Routines

Every ambitious person wants to be more productive and make more money.

But most fail to do so because they miss one thing.

That thing is not a morning routine, it’s not biohacking, it’s not a productivity app.

It’s deeper.

If you want to be more productive without having to work more so that you can actually enjoy your life, then you’re at the right place.

Why Modern Productivity Is Flawed

The modern world got productivity wrong.

Anyone can work harder.

Anyone can work longer.

Anyone can hustle all day.

This outdated mindset stems from the industrial age. In the 18th century, we went from handmade production to machine-assisted work. The focus in that age was to leverage the newly invented machines like the steam engine to maximize output.

Productivity had a new meaning.

Never before in history could humans produce so many goods. The scale of production was unimaginable. The machines transformed the economy and human labor was directed to the rhythm and pace of the new machines.

You could say the human slowly became the cog in the machine, instead of the other way around. Productivity at all costs was the motto of the factories, which meant output over well-being, quantity over quality, speed over sustainability.

Now, in the digital age we live in, not much has changed.

Today, the industrial factory has evolved into computers and meetings from your home or artificial offices. Thanks to your phone and laptop, you’re technically available 24/7. One call from your boss or a call from your new coaching client outside of your office hours and you’re under mental stress.

For a few others, this globally connected economy means working from wherever you want, when you want, and with whom you want.

They call themselves online entrepreneurs or something like that.

But for most people, the line between work and personal life is blurry. Sure, we hear things like work-life balance get thrown around, and even science confirms that longer work hours don’t lead to increased productivity in the long term, but the reality for the majority is different.

And the constant pressure to perform which mostly comes from comparing yourself to other people, leads to the feeling of not being productive enough.

Not progressing fast enough. Not making the money that you want.

Now, with that said, there are other people on the spectrum who are productive, who are making progress, who don’t hustle all day, who are not stressed about work, and who are actually enjoying life.

“Productivity” is not hard.

There are only a few things you need to focus on. And if you have consumed enough productivity literature, you know what they are. It’s actually pretty simple.

Well, if it is so simple, why is productivity content so in demand on social media?

If all you need to do is set goals, make a to-do list, focus a few hours a day, and do it consistently, what are people looking for?

We live in an age of abundant information. There is so much good advice on the internet. Most of it is free. But still, if you are ambitious, which I assume, you most likely feel that you are not productive enough.

Most people who are ambitious work hard, they know the productivity tactics, but still often don’t achieve their goals. Or in some cases, they achieve their big goals but then question what’s next. This was it?

They thought achieving the goal would make them happy, but they find themselves in this weird place of not knowing if what they’re doing is the right thing.

They thought progress equals happiness and freedom right?

But something is missing. Something deeper. Something more profound.

Depending on where they are in their conscious development, they might arrive at deeper questions.

Like where is the fulfilment? What is it really about?

What is productivity?

Going Beyond The Trap Of Productivity

One thing I’ve observed in great thinkers and doers is that they often define what a term means to them. Now that doesn’t mean we distort the meaning of words to fit our goals, but we try to frame it to a more accurate definition.

Because words have immense power.

So, with that, to me, productivity means making progress by doing the right things in a reasonable timeframe and feeling good about it.

Now, as we go beyond the conventional definition of productivity which traps people, the question becomes how do we achieve real productivity?

Since 2016, I’ve been a student of personal development. Productivity has always been a priority for me. Throughout my career, I’ve always looked for ways to be more effective, more efficient. Some people would tell me I’m wired for efficiency.

I obsessed over productivity apps, morning routines, and performance protocols.This quest to maximize my productivity led me to a few meaningful results throughout the years of working in sales on many different levels. My income multiplied, I gained more respect and recognition, and my lifestyle increased but my “productivity” was not sustainable.

I never burned out in my life, but was close many times.

I was definitely a very productive high-achiever by modern standards but I realized around 2020 that this is not real productivity. At that point, I figured out how to do things effectively and efficiently to get some kind of outcome that would benefit my bank account and status.

I knew there was a more optimal way, a more sustainable way to think about productivity. Not this fake productivity where you are busy for the sake of being busy. Something that is truly aligned with where I want my life to be in the long term.

And as observant as I am, that’s just my nature, I’ve seen this missing link in my previous co-workers who were high-achievers, and I’ve seen it in my entrepreneurial peers. Most high-achievers do a lot, move a lot, and work a lot but they tend to burn out periodically.

It seems like they can’t align their ambitions with fulfilment. It’s either “success” whatever that means to them or “chill” to rest until that cycle of hard work starts again. I’ve seen enough of that arrive at this point that the current Western model of productivity is flawed. I say the Western model of productivity because other traditions have a more nuanced model of productivity.

But a shift is happening.

More people are seeing the flaws of traditional productivity. But most are still trapped and don’t know why.

Anyway, so as I was searching for the missing thing that links my innate drive to produce and create something deeper, I finally found that thing.

The Weird Philosophy That Unlocks True Productivity

I remember signing up for a virtual personal development event where many thought experts were speaking. A speaker named Dr. Demartini was speaking about axiology. I was like what is axiology? I looked it up in Google during his presentation. Axiology – the philosophical study of values.

And as he was speaking about human values and how they relate to almost every aspect of our lives, it started to click in my mind. Now at this point, you might think, what does an abstract concept like human values have to do with being more productive and making money?

You see, I’ve been part of many high-level masterminds in the online space and observed multiple 6 and 7-figure entrepreneurs and at that stage of their businesses, their biggest problems are things like vision, values, and leadership. I watched many recordings of $30,000 – $68,000 masterminds of guys like Sam Ovens and Cole Gordon.

And I couldn’t believe how many of those 6 and 7-figure entrepreneurs where not asking about business tactics. They were primarily struggling with intangible, abstract things like vision, values, which direction to take, and how to lead a team. Not funnels, marketing hacks, or any of that. And note, those are business masterminds, not personal development like guys like Tony Robbins and Brendon Burchard.

I knew the importance of those intangibles because I’ve been informally trained through personal development, philosophy, and theology. Anyway, back to my mentor Dr. Demartini, and human values. He teaches that every human lives by a set of values which are unique.

Think of your values as a compass that guides your worldview, decisions, and actions. Now this set of values or priorities is in a hierarchy. Whatever is highest on your values, you’re naturally inclined to do that thing without much effort. Then it’s not just about doing more; it’s about doing what is in alignment with your highest values.

When you align your actions with your highest values, work doesn’t feel like work, and productivity comes naturally.

Now, if that sounds too idealistic or too good to be true, I urge you to keep your mind open. Even if you have a stressful business or you are in a career where you think this is not possible. You’ll be surprised how much this can benefit you. Understanding that every human lives by a hierarchy of values was a profound insight for me.

It explained so many things beyond productivity. Once I’ve identified my core values, almost every aspect of my life got better. From 2020, I quickly multiplied my income, I had more time for things I enjoy, I got in the best shape of my life and yes as a result my productivity went through the roof.

It’s amazing how knowing what you truly value can do for you. So now that the theory and context are laid out, let’s move to practical steps.

From Intangibles To Tangibles – Creating Your Own Values

The best way to identify your core values, I’ve found is from my mentor Dr. Demartini, who is a human behavior specialist. I’ve simplified and modified his value determination process based on my own experience and research.

So to help you define your own core values, pull up a notebook and go along with the following exercise.

How Do You Spend Your Time?

Here’s something you can count on – people always make time for things they truly value.

Even on your most busy days, you tend to find time for things that are really important to you. Think about your busiest days recently. Did you somehow find time to do the things that are important to you, even if it was a little? Could be going to the gym, listening to a podcast, or watching your favorite influencer. If you reflect a bit on that, you’ll find it to be true.

For me, I always find time to do my spiritual practices without exceptions. I almost always find time to learn in a day, be it from a book, or a podcast. I also find time every day to write something I’m interested in. I find time to exercise every day even if it’s just a 15-minute walk.

On the other hand, I rarely find time to cook my own food, even though I enjoy cooking simple dishes. Because cooking is not very high in my hierarchy of values, I rarely find time. This is how human values work.

Most of our value systems are unconscious and not explicit at first sight. But once you look deeper, you’ll see why we do certain things. It’s a very powerful model to view through reality.

Write down in which three ways you spend your time?

How Do You Spend Your Money?

Next, how do you spend your money?

Where you choose to spend your money reveals what matters most to you. I easily invest my money on books, courses, coaching and educational products because I have a high value on wisdom. I also spend a lot of money on good food, because I care about my health and like to eat great food.

Think about the people who say I don’t have enough money, but when you analyze how they use their money, you’ll see how they find ways to spend money on entertainment, new clothes or the newest Iphone. These are human values at play, you always find money to eventually meet your highest values.

Write down which three ways do you spend your money?

Where Are You Most Reliable, Disciplined, and Focused?

Now, at this point, assuming you are following along, you might notice some overlaps in your answers with where spend your time and money. If that happens, it means your values are somewhat aligned to your goals which is a good thing.

Next, where are you most reliable, disciplined, and focused?

You never have to be reminded to do the things you value the most. You are inspired from within to do those things. Look at the activities, relationships, and goals for which you are disciplined, reliable, and focused – the things that nobody has to get you up to do.

For me it’s learning, writing, researching, thinking, playing football, going to the gym and doing my spiritual practices. I’m pretty disciplined and consistent with those things. I love doing these things.

Write down the three activities and areas you are most reliable, disciplined and focused?

What Inspires You?

Next, is inspiration. A huge indicator of your true values. What inspires you? Who are your personal heroes and why? We all have some form of role models we feel inspired by.

I’m inspired by many people and things in nature. From prophets to scientists, from philosophers to entrepreneurs, I’m inspired by their will to big things, their will to revolutionize whole aspects of society and their perseverance through trials and tribulations.

Write down what are the three things that inspire you the most?

What do you love to learn about most?

We humans are naturally curious and like to learn things. What you love to learn indicates what you truly value, even if it isn’t obvious in the moment. For example, I love learning about philosophy, history, entrepreneurship, psychology, science and theology. I could listen to podcasts and audiobooks all day without getting bored.

What do you love to learn and read about most?

The Key To Maximizing Your Productivity: Values Alignment

Now, you want to look at your answers from the five questions. The secret to human behavior lies in patterns. If you can spot your patterns, you’ll gain immense clarity and direction in your life which will make you more productive and fulfilled. Look for the answers that repeat itself the most. There lie your current highest values.

You can always change your values if you are not satisfied with your current priorities. That’s why we have free will, your values are not deterministic. Sure, it will take some discomfort and adaptation if you decide to completely change your value system. It is possible but most of the time you only need small tweaks on the hierarchy of your values to live a fulfilled life.

Right now for me my highest values are my faith, health, wisdom, mastery and freedom. I continuously refine my values. You might notice that my current values are quite broad and did this intentionally.

In the past, I used to have more precise core values like, business, exercise, content creation, time freedom and so on. There is no right or wrong, you have to experiment what speaks more to you. I like a bit broader values because I don’t like to narrow myself too much. For example my core value mastery symbolizes many aspects of my life like my business, content creation, personal branding, my writing.

This process of defining my values was a big catalyst in my life in 2020. Productivity, growth, income, fulfilment, confidence and direction all went up. Human values are one of the most powerful levers you can pull to get closer to where you want to be.

Imagine knowing what is truly important to you and living every day according to your priorities. How would it affect your business or career? How would it grow your bank account? What kind of impact would you have? How many people could you influence? How happy could you be?

I think it’s certainly worth asking yourself what you truly value and live by it.

See you next week.



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